Tangle is a simple gestural sketch that draws lines between the left and right hands of two participants. Lines follow participants hands in real time.

Tangle was designed & developed as part of the Embodied Computation studio at RISD. Other studio members created physical objects and body wear to test with this application (and other similar applications). Classmate Er-ti Chen designed body wear to constrain movement while working with this space (see two-person sleeves below).

Two users wearing motion capture gloves control white parallel glowing lines on the floor between their hands in tangle
One tangle user holds their hands close together, creating a v-shape between the two users
One user crosses their arms, creating an x-shape between the two users in tangle
Two users of tangle laugh and smile while moving their hands together
Two users wear a uniquely designed sleeve-garment to link their arms together and constrain their movement while using tangle

Photo credits: Marcos Ojeda.