People You May Know visualizes the aggregate data of a social network. Users sign up for the network via mobile app using their email address and contact list. The visualizations depict a view of a single user’s network or the aggregate view of the network. Large nodes have more connections. Color symbolizes a user’s registration status: blue shows that the user has registered, while yellow or orange show that the user has not registered and their data is collateral from another user’s registration.

Created in collaboration with UCLA Arts Conditional Studio for the Museum of Developer Art @ Google I/O 2018, curated by Alex Czetwertynski.

single user view in People You May Know: a blue square surrounded by yellow and blue squares indicating the quantity of unregistered and registered users, respectively
network view in People You May Know: a collection of blue, yellow, and orange squares in a grid with white lines between them on an 8ft tall screen with some onlookers