Using the same capture software and data from phonelovesyoutoo: matrix, I created a single-channel durational video work to play all of the collected video in real time: from both the front and back camera. The frame of the video contains 30 cells arranged like a calendar; one column for each day of the week and one row for each week in the month. Each cell contains a diptych of front and back camera videos from the corresponding days. The clips play during the time of day they were recorded. When a clip finishes playing, its brightness fades and the last frame remains, frozen. The video restarts at 6am every day, starting from a black frame and illuminating when the first clip of the day appears.

Where phonelovesyoutoo: matrix felt overwhelming in its scale and volume of activity, this work has a lot of quiet moments where nothing is happening at all. There are times in the 24-hour cycle where no clips are playing; instead, each frame is faded and frozen in time. The frozen frames are left behind to give a sense of presence of other clips even when they are not playing. Instead, a sense of anxiety comes from wondering when the next clip will pop up.