A photocopier deconstruction of the New York Times. Formal exercise for Lucy Hitchcock’s Typography II class at Rhode Island School of Design.

Photocopier collage of the letter k and short paragraphs from the New York Times
Photocopier collage of two enlarged serifed letters, abstracted, showing their slab terminals
Photocopier collage with indistinct large, thin letters on the top and bottom, with small paragraphs floating in between
Photocopier collage with small, floating paragraphs moving from an abstract figure in the top right to the bottom of the page
Photocopier collage of indistinct oversized letters, with a counterform created between them
Photocopier collage showing the bottom of a capital letter A, upside down, with smaller text overlaid on top
Photocopier collage shown with the top of a capital letter A, overlaid with several paragraphs of text at different angles
Photocopier collage with cut and cropped large abstract letterforms and the word 'resistant'