Mezzanine is a collaborative conference room product from Oblong Industries that melds gestural interfaces, personal devices, and large scale displays. All participants can contribute and arrange content simultaneously through their laptops, mobile devices, or a gestural wand device.

The wand is a 6-degree-of-freedom device that enables pointing at any screen in a Mezzanine room. Visual feedback conveys the wand’s location and movement—for example, while conveying that an element is simultaneously being moved and resized. Mezzanine’s large scale displays provide a rich, immersive environment.

Multiple Mezzanine rooms can be linked together for a remote-collaboration experience. The same content is displayed and synchronized across all connected sites. Any edits made at one site immediately become visible at another, so no one needs to spend time coordinating page or slide numbers while talking. Participants can focus on getting work done together.

As the design lead for Mezzanine, I contributed to product’s visual design and user experience design across multiple platforms. On the technical side, I prototyped & wrote production code for the wand-driven interface.